Barefoot PR Tours the Denver Public Library


Here’s a fun fact: The Denver Public Library (a city agency) is supported by the Friends Foundation (a nonprofit) – a concept I had no understanding of until this month’s Barefoot PR nonprofit tour.

This month we chose the library, and oh was it big; as in, seven floors big. Do you know how many books there are in seven floors? I didn’t, so I asked. Two million are in circulation. The Denver Public Library has every type of book – fiction, nonfiction, historical, business, art, children’s – and these books come in every size, shape, and color. And last year alone there were more than four million visits to the library. Who said reading isn’t fun?

We began our tour on the first level where the newest books are held, as well as the most relevant: newest releases, best sellers, young adult, magazines, etc. There were people sitting on couches reading the daily paper, some working at desks, and others browsing different sections of the library. Our wonderful tour guide, Cindy, explained that the library is a community space where people come for all different purposes – reading, homework, researching how to start a business, and even researching how to join the FBI. Just kidding, but if you want to know, they have a book for that. The library features every type of reference tool that you could possibly need, and as we continued from one level to the next, I realized that this isn’t so much a library as it is a resource center. There is even a whole floor dedicated to computers and computer usage!

On this same floor is my favorite room – the tech room. This room is dedicated entirely to technological purposes and even features a 3-D printer. How cool?! Cindy explained that this room is used by groups of people, ranging from teenagers to adults, to use computers and create projects. There are also classes and workshops held in this room on all things tech. Some of these programs include Javascript, Coding & Fundamentals, and Craigslist 101. Interested? The class schedule can be found here. There’s also a recording booth for those who are more musically talented than I am.

As we continued exploring and touring, I learned about the library’s reference section and the use of the Dewey Decimal System (this was Sarah’s favorite part of the whole tour), and that a degree in Library Science can lead you to a very prestigious and coveted career.

img_1281(Sarah enjoying the Dewey Decimal System)

The Denver Public Library is a space for anyone to go to and use. Whether you simply want to check out a book with your free library card, or want to tackle a bigger project and need a computer, meeting space, or quiet empty desk to work, the library offers more than just two million books. It truly is a community space.

I was also curious to see how the library was holding up in the world of Kindles, e-books, and online news publications. Much to my happy delight, Cindy told us that you can check out e-books online. Have a Kindle? Have a library card? Match made in bookworm heaven.img_1272

Now, with today being Colorado Gives Day, I feel like it’s important to remind all you bookworms out there that you can donate to any of Colorado’s public libraries and support these important community resources. While public libraries receive funding from grants and general city funds, they do receive a substantial amount from donations.

Interested in donating to the Denver Public Library? You can go here to donate, or look through the database to find another nonprofit that speaks to your heart.

And remember, “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!”

-Katie Boudreau #theintern