The Last Hoorah: My Final Blogpost for Barefoot!

With the holidays in full swing and 2016 coming to a close, the time for reflection and gratitude is prominent. And along with the end of 2016 comes the end to my time at Barefoot PR, as I reflect – with gratitude – my experience here and all that I’ve learned.


Beginning a mere 12 weeks ago, I wanted to learn the ins and outs of public relations – from writing media pitches, to press releases, to contacting media outlets. And I did. I dove right in and can now confidently say I know how to do all the above, especially writing press releases (something a few months back, you will recall I had to Google).

But what I didn’t expect to learn, and what I actually value the most from this experience, is that it’s not a matter of what you do, but the team you’re doing it with. As a PR firm, communication is a necessity. Communication with clients, with media and journalists, and most importantly – with each other. From weekly meetings, to texts and emails, to simply talking to each other from our desks, everyone was constantly communicating. It’s truly a team in every sense of the word.

It’s not enough to simply love what you do, but also who you do it with. The people you work with make up most of your career and in a public relations office, they are your second voice; constantly bouncing ideas off each other, offering a fresh pair of eyes or simply words of encouragement if (and when) needed. I always felt comfortable seeking help, getting a second opinion, and above all else, asking questions. No question was too little or too small, and when it comes to an internship, this is the whole point: ask questions to learn, and never stop learning.

So before I say my final farewell, in the spirit of the holidays I would like to thank the ladies of Barefoot PR for all they have taught me. They truly took a risk on a biology graduate from Florida who is starting her career off in the PR world.

To Cori and Sarah, thank you for showing me not just what a “work” team looks like, but a “work” family. You took the time to get to know me as a person and not just an employee. I also want to thank you for the countless treats brought in. I now unrealistically expect food to be at every meeting I ever go to.

To Taylor, thank you for letting me pick your brain every morning with a million and one questions about this industry, and thank you for introducing me to TheSkimm. I also want to thank you for all the advice and daily conversation from our desks a mere five feet away.

To Laura, thank you for always helping, guiding, and editing any and all content for pitches, posts, and press releases. Your feedback helped me grow. As well as all your book suggestions and our constant flow of jokes.

For all future interns that come to Barefoot PR: you have just walked into one of the most exceptional and truly welcoming work environments. Take advantage of the ladies here because they honestly know their worth and have advice to give. Ask. Observe. Learn.

Thank you all for following along with my blog posts these past few months and (hopefully) learning and growing with me. 

– Katie Boudreau #theintern