Barefoot PR Hits the Road with Colorado Experience

This month, our fearless leaders, Cori and Sarah, headed to Colorado Springs with the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation to refresh their knowledge of key issues facing our state and to further enhance their impact on the community. They left with some important takeaways, plenty of new friends and of course, several memorable selfies.

Take a look at some of Cori and Sarah’s best moments from Colorado Experience.

Cori and Sarah already making friends on the early morning bus ride to Colorado Springs.

Learning about the Center for Character and Leadership Development at the U.S. Airforce Academy. Everything at the Center is steeped in meaning, including the 100-foot-tall skylight that aligns with the North Star.

Networking with friends, new and old at the historic Broadmoor Hotel.

Defining and exploring Colorado’s Civic DNA is a core part of all Leadership Foundation programs. We like to think we’ve both benefited from and contributed to Colorado’s Civic DNA by engaging in the community, inviting others in, and taking responsibility for making our state better one day at a time.

Cori tried not to get *too* competitive during team building. Luckily, they still came away with a second-place finish in the puzzle challenge. #wewonpoprocks

Cori gets cozy with a snake at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Did you know the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was recently voted the 6th best zoo in the country by USA Today?

Before heading home, Cori and Sarah enjoyed a panel discussion with local business leaders about innovation and technology and its impact on the economy. They also learned some interesting facts about some famous historical residents of Colorado Springs #NikolaTesla! The panel was hosted by Bristol Brewing Company, which regularly supports over 200 nonprofit organizations each year with in-kind and monetary donations, and/or volunteers. Their new home is within the Ivywild School, a historic neighborhood school building that has transformed into a community marketplace.

Cori and Sarah’s lives were changed by 2017 Colorado Experience – they’re already looking forward to next year!