The Australian Invasion of Barefoot PR

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Call it fate, karma, divine will or whatever you’d like, but certain experiences and people are brought into your life for a purpose. Two days into my internship at Barefoot and I can already tell you this is where I’m meant to be.

I moved to Colorado four years ago from Sydney, Australia to study at the University of Colorado Boulder. Colorado and Sydney are polar opposites, but that was part of what I liked about the idea of moving here. Somewhere completely different that pushed me out of my comfort zone. As soon as I got to Boulder I fell in love with the city! Wandering the shops and restaurants on Pearl Street, shopping on 29th Street and exploring campus became my favorite things to do – and four years later not much has changed. If you have yet to go to Boulder, change that ASAP. It’s like nowhere you’ve ever been, I promise.

When I first started university I was certain I wanted to be a politician. Before that, I was certain I wanted to be a fashion designer. At the age of ten, I knew marine biology was my passion. Needless to say I hadn’t quite figured out who I wanted to be or what I wanted to do. The American Political System was my first college class – and it kicked the desire to be a politician right out of me. No thank you, new profession. But where to next? An extrovert by every definition, I knew I had to do something where I was surrounded by people and where writing was a large part of my job. In high school I had worked in promotions and had an internship at a beauty and lifestyle PR agency, so I thought – why not give it a go again? TA-DAH! Fate steps in. Well, fate or my American Political System class. I changed my major to Communication and the rest as they say, is history.


So you ask, why Barefoot?

My mother is the founder and CEO of the phrase “Google it,” so at the end of one of my college-freak-out-I-need-my-mum phone calls that was of course her sage advice. I had been stressing about finding an internship where I would actually be doing meaningful work, pouring through a sea of job descriptions that quite honestly should have just put “get coffee.” After a heavy sigh and an eye-roll (that I’m sure could be heard through the phone), I Googled it. Best boutique public relations firms in Denver. After researching all the firms listed, Barefoot stood out. From their approach as a public relations firm with a purpose and their client list, I knew this was a company I would be proud to work for. I researched Barefoot and called the office to see if they were hiring a fall intern – and sure enough they were! I spent days making sure my application was going to set me apart from other candidates.

Side note: Starbucks, if you saw a hike in your stock price…you’re welcome.

When I walked into the Barefoot office for my interview I could picture myself working (and being friends) with the team. Thankfully, they felt the same way too! For any of the prospective/future interns reading this, Rihanna said it best. Work, work, work, work, work, work. All the hours I spent searching and preparing paid off – and even though I now have to admit my mother was right, it is 100% worth it.

In case there was any doubt in my mind that Barefoot is my dream internship, they have a tequila bar. Tequila. Bar. I know, say no more.

– Gabrielle Richmond #theintern #notRobertDeNirothough