Denver Urban Scholars Gets a New Name!

// November 12th, 2012 // by

Change is never easy – especially when it involves your name. Speaking from personal experience, I recently made it official with the wonderful man in my life and went from Miss Plotkin to Mrs. Streetman over night. And let me tell you, letting go of the name that defined me for so long was definitely not easy.

Ironically, during the same months I struggled through my name change, our team at Barefoot helped an amazing nonprofit organization through a similar transition. While there was no marriage for this nonprofit, there was a significant shift in messaging.

When we met this organization, they were Byrne Urban Scholars. And today, just three months later, they have changed their name to Denver Urban Scholars – while the name and the look may be new, their mission remains the same: to build the relationships necessary to help students succeed in school and realize their true potential.

Our work with Denver Urban Scholars included an overhaul of their messaging, training for their staff and board, and assistance in getting the word out once the big news was official. See the results of our work on their website –

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