Barefoot PR provides a variety of services under the umbrella of Public Relations.

Our service packages are anything but cookie-cutter inspired – it’s all about customization and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to problem solving for our clients.

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Depending on the needs of our clients, some staple strategies we typically employ include:

Consulting on Strategic Community Involvement

We work with businesses of all sizes and shapes helping to integrate the benefits of community investment into the culture of an organization. Depending on the business’ current state of involvement, Barefoot PR develops strategic plans for community investment that typically include mutually beneficial community partnerships, corporate giving budgets, employee volunteerism, executive involvement (i.e. nonprofit board/committee placement and training on effective board service), and signature initiative development.

Positive and Proactive Publicity

Barefoot PR helps organizations tell the whole story. Since brand reinforcement is more than just telling the story of what you sell, Barefoot PR will make sure that the positive things your organization does in the community become an integral part of your communications efforts. As a result, reputational capital will be established and brand reinforcement will occur among your target audiences.

Telling Your Organization’s Story to the right people and in the right way

Whether your organization is a traditional business selling a product or service, or a nonprofit organization focusing on charitable services for local communities, telling your story to the right people and in the right way is integral to raising awareness of what you do every day. Barefoot PR will help develop and communicate compelling messaging for your organization. By knowing your audiences and how to reach them, Barefoot PR will assist with achieving organizational objectives through strategic communications.

Developing Mutually Beneficial Partnerships between for-profit and nonprofit

Barefoot PR will serve as the translator between businesses and nonprofits – ensuring that partnerships are mutually beneficial and return on investment is understood on both sides of the fence. Whether it is a long-term partnership, or a more focused, short-term effort, Barefoot PR will work with both sides to ensure reciprocity is maintained.

Strategic Media Relations

Barefoot PR will help your organization navigate the media marketplace and determine how to effectively utilize the media to tell your organization’s story. A variety of strategies will be employed depending on your overall goals, but relationship development with the media on behalf of your organization will always be integral to this service.

Trainings and Workshops

Barefoot PR wants to ensure your organization or company has the ability to stand on its own when it comes to telling your story in the right way and to the right people. Customized trainings and workshops are available on a variety of topics including, but not limited to:

Public Relations 101
Empowering Key Stakeholders through Strong Messaging
Media Training
Building a Strong Personal Brand
Cocktail Talk and Networking
Effective Nonprofit Board Service
Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships 

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