Public Relations with Purpose…

Barefoot PR was founded on the belief that reputations are built on a true commitment to doing the right thing. Never dressing up clients to be something they are not, Barefoot PR works with both businesses and nonprofits to build reputational capital through traditional and non-traditional public relations strategies.

Offering a variety of services under the public relations umbrella, Barefoot PR focuses primarily on community investment, working to incorporate such efforts into an organization’s story – all the while never losing sight of values, mission and objectives.

The history…

Coming from years of working with both businesses and nonprofits in all areas of public relations and communications, Barefoot PR’s founders and principals Cori Streetman and Sarah Hogan, saw first-hand how so many organizations never truly leverage community commitment and involvement to enhance reputational capital. There seemed to be a lack of truth when it came to publicity – and a general misunderstanding of the public relations profession.

After helping to develop a number of community initiatives from both sides of the corporate-nonprofit partnership fence, both Cori and Sarah realized the value of the “Sweet Spot” between true altruism and marketing objectives. In 2010, Cori and Sarah founded Barefoot PR with the hopes of further serving as a translator between for-profit and nonprofit – and helping bridge the gap between true marketing and cause-related public relations. Laura Schwinkendorf joined the team in 2011 as a contract worker, and became full-time in 2013. With a background in social media planning and public relations, Laura adds significant value to our client work. And in 2014, we welcomed Jamie Bradley to Barefoot PR’s family. Jamie brings with her 15 years of experience in launching public awareness campaigns, managing strategic communications, building brands, creating marketing materials and handling media relations.

Today, the Barefoot PR team provides comprehensive public relations, marketing, community relations and general awareness raising knowledge and experience to each client we serve. Our team’s fresh outlook on entrepreneurship, faith in each other, and healthy work-life balance contribute significantly to the work we do every day.

Why Barefoot?

Cori and Sarah both have a special connection to the beach. Growing up in Florida, Cori always loved the feeling of sand between her toes any day of the year! Sarah followed her instincts and left the winters of Wisconsin for the beaches of Florida for her college years. And although both Cori and Sarah have grown to love their new homes in Colorado AND developed a fondness for shoes over the years – check out our favorite shoe store – they have always stayed true to who they are. And thus was born the vision behind Barefoot PR.

The Barefoot PR team encourages clients to always stay true to the principles on which the company or organization was built. Never dressing up clients to be something they are not, Barefoot PR establishes reputational capital through positive public relations practices.

Who we are today…

Barefoot PR is a team of creative and passionate professionals who believe in collaboration and the ability to combine complementary skill sets for the benefit of the client. Although we have a number of individuals who work on a client-by-client basis, Cori Streetman (Principal), Sarah Hogan (Principal), Jamie Bradley (Senior Associate), and Laura Schwinkendorf (Associate) comprise the heart and soul of Barefoot PR.